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A long way home…Merry Christmas!
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    Додундаева Наталья Эрдениевна
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My mom doesn’t like to celebrate Christmas.. She never talks about it. She always decorates the Christmas tree, buys great presents, hangs socks on the fireplace…But I am a big boy. I am already nine years old. And I know the main reason why my mom doesn’t like to celebrate this Holiday, the reason is my dad.
He went on a business trip one day. We were waiting for him to come back on Christmas, but he never showed up. He was simply gone. My mom was looking for him, she called the police trying to somehow to locate him. But no result. It has been two years since he dissappered without any reason.
Once I overheard the conversation in between my mom and grandma, and the elder lady mentioned that our dad didn’t just disappear with no reason, he just ran away from us. I still remember my mom’s face expressing feelings of anger and desparation at the same time, so she even stopped talking to her mother for the whole month.
Writing letters to Santa Claus has been a Christmas tradition in my family since I was little. My dream wishes always came true, no matter whether I asked for a new Lego constructer, or to spend some quality time together with my family hiking, fishing, etc.
Since my dad left, I got just only one wish i’ve been writing and sending to Santa over and over - I wanted my dad to be back home. I stopped asking for any presents, candies. I just wanted Santa to find my Dad and bring him home, if he got lost on his way to us.
I will never forget that day when my mom called me and told me that she was going to be late at work and my grandma was supposed to come by to look after me.
I was playing with my toys, watching TV, eating my favorite cereals. It started getting dark, but neither my grandma nor my mom showed up. I got a little bit nervous and wanted to call them, but for whatever mysterious reason the phone has been disconnected. It was snowing like crazy, probably that’s why the connection got lost. I climbed up on a windowsill and looked out of the window. There were hundreds, thousands, millions huge, fluffy snowflakes spinning around. Suddenly, one of the snowflakes flew through an open window leaf and began to whirl around me giggling, wailing and singing. I couldn’t move and stop staring at this phenomena. This beautiful Snow Queen slowly started landing on my palm singing the song:
“ Make a wish, my boy, make a wish!
One fondest wish, one fondest with!”

I had just one wish spinning through my head, I wanted to see my mom or grandma as soon as possible, because i got so scared and shocked by this situation i was involved in. I was about to say it out loud, but all of a sudden there was a picture of today’s morning popping up in front of my eyes. ..

I see my mom standing near the kitchen cabinet and holding the photo from her wedding day. She thinks I cannot see her, but I see her very clearly and I see tears coming out of her eyes.

The picture was gone! After a second, I shouted like I have never done this before:” I WANT MY DAD BACK HOME!”

I heard a horrible sound and woke up right away. I couldn’t determine if I was dreaming or if it was a reality. After a couple of seconds I realized that somebody was knocking at the door. I got closer to the entrance, there were voices heard behind the door, mostly my grandma’s voice who was laughing and crying at the same time. My hands were shaking, I could barely cope with a lock. I opened the door…There was him, my Dad, standing at the doorstep. He was all covered in bandages and looked like a mummy form a horror movie. His eyes were full of tears, but happy tears..

“You found the way home!”
“Of course, my boy! Merry Christmas!!!”

Автор: Додундаева Наталья Эрдениевна
Руководитель: Ашалукова Ирина Валериевна
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